Patch Notes/2010-08-24

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08.24.10 Version 1850.201007290104.20T2


Mission Architect

  • Custom Critter powers are no longer interruptible.

User Interface

  • Removed pulsating white squares from the Alignment UI.


  • None.



  • Breakout - Sakai Tamaki will no longer give the player a blank stare (blank dialog screen) the first time they talk to him.




  • Toned down the Syndicate villain group, especially at lower levels:
    • Removed one of the melee attacks from minions
    • Created slower attacking versions of the Lts and Bosses for low levels.

City Zones


  • Fixed a bug that made some of the walls in Praetorian Tech maps white and textureless.
  • Praetorians will no longer lose missions that are not alignment-specific when switching between Resistance and Loyalist.
  • Nova Praetoria - The Clockwork Flower Vendor will now advise players to open their mini-map (hotkey 'M') in order to locate the roses they need to pick for Praetor White's lady. Additionally, the mission objective now contains similar advice.
  • Nova Praetoria - Dr. Arvin: Mission 1: Fixed an issue where players would sometimes spawn in the back of the map.
  • Imperial City - Seer 1381: PPD will no longer show up in droves to assist Seer 0001, she will only summon Seer Trackers to aid her. Additionally, she will summon fewer Seers to aid her thus making the fight more manageable for solo players.
  • Imperial City - Seer 1381: Seer 0001 will now properly turn invisible during her fight, thus matching the dialog that Katie Douglas says during the fight.
  • Imperial City: fixed several mission doors where using the Mission Teleporter would spawn the player behind the door instead of in front of it.


  • Alignment Tips May Lead to Incorrect Missions: There is a chance upon selecting a mission from an Alignment Tip that you will be assigned a mission from a random different Alignment Tip. You may even be given a mission that is heading counter to your goals (Hero instead of Vigilante or Villain instead of Rogue for example). When you select your Tip mission, take a close look at the text window to be sure the title matches the tip name and the mission is set to the correct alignment. If you do get the wrong mission, you can abandon it from the Mission tab and select the same tip again.
  • Prima Earth Missions in Praetoria: Some players on Primal Earth are receiving missions that are located in Praetorian zones. If this is the case, you should be able Abandon the mission and retake it to receive a more reachable mission door.
  • Badges which remain Hero/Vigilante restricted or Villain/Rogue restricted: Vigilante and Rogue characters are having issues earning some badges when they first cross over to the other zones. The badges should award to them when they complete the transition (all the way to Hero or all the way to Villain).