Patch Notes/2010-12-16

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12.16.10 Version 1900.201011102104.24



  • Rewards for defeating players should once again be in place for Arenas and PVP Zones,


  • The Player Info window should now correctly display Set Bonuses owned by a character.


  • Mender Ramiel Story Arc
    • Added more detailed description of what is needed to access Mender Ramiel’s arc when you speak with him.
    • Trapdoor no longer stops Bifurcating.
    • Trapdoor will mix up the location of his bifurcations a little bit more.
    • Trapdoor can no longer be dragged out of range of his Bifurcations.
  • Tin Mage Task Force
    • Director 11’s Proximity Mines will no longer fail to trigger when a player comes near.

Tip Missions

  • Private Punishment
    • Private Punishment should no longer risk death due to enemy attacks
    • Private Punishment will no longer talk to the player until
  • How She Dies
    • Villain alignment points should now be awarded to teammates
    • Desdemona should no longer be targeted by certain Longbow agents
  • Under the Table Job
    • Polar Shift and Miss Thystle can no longer be killed in the mission

Trial Accounts

  • Going Rogue Trial Accounts can no longer access Pocket D via Studio 55.




  • Fiery Defense / Burn no longer damages the caster.


  • Roy Cooling Mission 2
    • Fixed an issue where mastermind pets could run off into nothingness.
  • Safeguard Missions
    • The mysterious floating bag of cash should no longer appear in bank vaults on these missions.
    • Villains on the heist should no longer appear to get stuck in elevators as they are attempting to flee with the loot.




  • Field Mastery \ Temp Invulnerability now correctly accepts Resist Damage enhancement sets.



  • Neutropolis: Helix: Try to Communicate with the Ghouls
    • The snipers will no longer kill the manslayers around the Ghoul King, they will only wound them, requiring players to defeat them.

Zone Events

  • Imperial City: Syndicate Takedown
    • Enemies pulled or knocked over the edge of the rooftop during the final stage of the event will either be teleported back to the rooftop with no ill effects or removed from the event without credit in order to allow other Syndicate to spawn on the rooftop, depending on how far they fall.
  • Neutropolis: The Great Escape
    • The first lab section of the Resistance side of the event will now require players to defeat PPD forces and hack the security terminal to unlock the door.
    • Teleportation and Recall powers are suppressed when in the lab or underground portions of the event
    • The security terminal and the computer terminals at Lucan’s life-support tube will remain present in the world longer, rather than disappearing immediately once their stage of the event is over.

Transportation Systems

  • Players will no longer be able to use the Praetorian transit systems to cross dimensions and enter Primal Earth missions.


  • The Praetorian IDF are now sporting their new armors.