Patch Notes/2011-10-19

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10.19.11 build 2120.201110150045.1


German Client

  • Certain Recipes for Kismet and Aegis should no longer cause a German client crash when placed in the Auction House.

Paragon Rewards

  • Corrected text in Paragon Rewards Seismic Path Aura to indicate the Character Respec is an Account Item reward.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players who are neither VIP subscribers nor own Paragon Reward Tier 4 or greater to earn Merit Rewards from Exploration Accolade badges.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Premium players who had Paragon Reward level 4 or greater from earning Vanguard Merits.

Going Rogue System

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent players who had previously purchased Going Rogue and then became a free player from being able to earn Hero and Villain Merits and from being able to switch alignments.

Mission Architect

  • Buying costume parts while creating mission architect characters will no longer give the invalid costume message.
  • Fixed an issue where custom characters were not updating to see all of a players recently unlocked costume pieces.

Auction House

  • Messaging for Free Players trying to use the Auction House has been updated.
    • "You cannot perform that action due to insufficient permissions. Please upgrade to VIP or purchase an Auction House License."


Incarnate Powers

  • Incarnate powers should now appear available instantly after zoning if they are accessible.
  • Corrected issues with non-Reactive Interface procs not activating on non-player enemies.

Rocket Board

  • The Celestial Wings will no longer detach from the body when on the Rocket Board.

Beam Rifle

  • Shock Rifle and Devastator weapons should now be available choices for Beam Rifle characters.


  • Guarding Imbuement: Corrected this power's short help to clarify that it grants 7.5% damage resistance instead of 7.25% damage resistance.
  • Tactical Imbuement: Corrected this power's short help to clarify that it grants +25% perception instead of +33% perception.

Character Creation

  • A Random Costume Set will be selected upon entering character creation.
  • Character creation data will not be reset after backing out to log in screen or character selection screen.

Character Creation and Tailor

  • For weapon based powerset characters, tailoring body type will no longer discard costume changes if the weapon is not explicitly selected.
  • In character creation, selected weapons will no longer change back to the default weapon after returning to the Powers menu.
  • Fixed an Issue which could prevent Crab Spiders from coloring some armor parts.


  • Fixed idle effects for Seismic, Frost, Electric, Blazing and Storm Cloud Path Auras.


Unveiler Badge

  • Removed an imposter world spawn version of Fake Nemesis which did not count towards this badge.


Signature Story Arcs

  • Players must now be confirmed as Heroes or Villains (i.e., their most recent Morality Mission confirmed their alignment) in order to claim Alignment Merits as rewards from Signature Story Arcs


  • Players on the extra step "Test your brand new cutscene! NICE!" will be reset to the first part of Leonards story arc.

Villain Epic Archetypes

  • Fixed a bug where Arachnos Soldiers and Arachnos Widows could avoid selecting a Secondary Power choice for level 1 during a Respec.