Patch Notes/2005-03-08

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03/08/05 Patch Notes


  • Increased Hamidon Nucleus resistance to controlling effects
  • Increased the attack range of the Hamidon Nucleus, Mitochondria Antibodies and Mitochondria Electrolyte powers.
  • Changed Hamidon Mini buds. They are now bosses (so they are not as easily "one-shot" killed by players trying to steal rewards).
  • Increased damage scale of Hamidon Mini buds.
  • Changed the reward for Hamidon Mini buds so they give a random SO Enhancement.
  • Hamidon Enhancements are now rewarded to each eligible player when the Nucleus is killed (not when the Hamidon mini buds are killed). Eligible players are those that did damage to the Hamidon Nucleus or were on a team with someone who did damage to the Hamidon Nucleus.
  • Slow effect from the Hamidon Protoplasm Debuff is now resistible.
  • There will no longer be a delay in the slow effect of entering the Hamidon Protoplasm. You will get slowed as soon as you enter, and you will no longer be slowed when you leave.
  • You will now get a debuff movement Icon when in the Hamidon Protoplasm (debuff was always there, the icon was just missing).