Patch Notes/2011-10-05

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10.05.11 build 2110.201110031805.1


Character Creation

  • Fixed a possible client crash when switching between Archetypes

Influence Caps

  • Premium Players who are above the influence cap should no longer have a chance to leak influence when trading.
  • Players who attempt to take part in a trade would put either side of the trade above their influence cap will now get the following message:
Trading cancelled - either you or your trading partner did not have enough inventory slots open or did not have enough items in inventory to complete the trade
  • Influence now shows up red in email interface if it is too much for a character to claim
    • Players who were stuck with too much influence in a pending claim should now be able to spend down to get out of their current state.


Incarnate Trial - The Underground

First Ward - Seed of Hamidon

  • Increased the range at which badge credit for defeating the Seed of Hamidon can be awarded to participants.

Alpha Incarnate - Mender Ramiel Arc

  • Characters should no longer be able to get themselves into a state where they can no longer obtain missions to continue Mender Ramiel's arc. Players whose characters are currently stuck on this arc should submit an in-game petition for resolution.

Hero Signature Story Arc I

  • Fixed an issue in mission 3 where Lemkin was called a different name in a clue received.

Sewer Trial

  • Players should no longer have the chance to get stuck in a mound of dirt when exiting to Mercy Island from the Sewer Trial.


Mastermind - Incarnate Powers

Ultra Tailor

  • Fixed an issue which could cause gender deformation during Ultra Tailor sessions for players with weapon based powersets.