Patch Notes/2009-12-01

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12.01.2009 Version 1600.20091102.7T3




  • More animation fixes:
    • Added Shield (without weapons) and Claws/Pistols animations to Ninja Run.
    • Walk and Ninja Run are now properly interrupted by “sliding” animations.
    • Ninja Run animations are now properly interrupted by falls.
    • Players using the minimal Visual FX theme for Invulnerability powers will now have sound effects when activating Invulnerability toggles.

Winter Event 2009

  • Candy Cane reward for the Father Time mission will now grant if the player has full salvage.
    • NOTE: If you are in Lord Winter’s realm and the event timer runs out, you will be kicked back to Atlas Park (Heroes) or Mercy Island (Villains) rather than the zone you originally entered from.
    • Known Issue : The Winter Lord does not spawn in Port Oakes or Mercy Island.



  • Atlas Park: The ‘Cape Mission’ given by the City Representative has been updated. The mission is also available through Flashback as the ‘Omega Team Time Capsule’ story arc.
  • Manticore Task Force - Fixed a bug in the first mission that was causing Paragon Protector Elites to spawn at too high a level.


City Zones

  • Grandville: The Merit Reward vendors have returned.