Patch Notes/2011-03-03

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03.03.11 Version 1950.201102230015.1


NCsoft Launcher Support

  • Players can now access City of Heroes, City of Villains and City of Heroes Going Rogue via the NCsoft Launcher on Windows-based PC platforms.
  • Wisp Aura will unlock for players who use the NCsoft Launcher to access the game.
    • This aura is a limited time bonus for transition to the NCsoft Launcher.
  • The Mac version of the NCsoft Launcher will be released afterwards, and can be used to unlock the Wisp Aura for Mac customers.
  • The User Agreement is now presented after login.
    • Players who are still running CoH Updater will continue to see the User Agreement from CohUpdater as well.


  • None


  • None



  • Clarified hint text for Moral High Ground badge.


Task Force Warning for Tourists

  • We are aware of an issue where Rogues or Vigilantes leading a Task Force or Strike Force who phone the TF contact from the opposing city can receive a mission door in that city, potentially blocking TF progression. A fix for this issue is being worked on.In the meantime as a workaround, please only call the TF contact while in the proper city of the contact and do not call them from Ouroboros zones or co-op zones such as Pocket D.