Patch Notes/2012-07-31

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12.07.31 2320.201207182341.1

Patch Notes for Build 2320.201207182341.1

Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie - July 31, 2012 [LIVE]


  • Fixed a client crash when trying to log in after previously logging out with a different character.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Beam Rifle and Water Blast from applying the bright white customization color correctly.
  • Backpacks no longer play a flapping sound.


  • Fixed an issue where the re-named Ms. Liberty Task Force was still showing up as the Statesman Task Force in the LFG list.
  • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred on events started by the Team-Up Teleporter.



  • Buff and Vanity pets can now be used by Kheldians while shapeshifted, and now persist if summoned in Human form prior to a shapeshift.
  • Players can now have one Buff pet and one Vanity pet out simultaneously. Any pet that has no effect at all on your character is considered a Vanity pet, while a pet with any effect on you is considered a Buff pet.

Shared XP Boosters

  • The 4 and 8 hour shared version of this power will now correctly last for 4 and 8 hours instead of 1 hour.
  • The confirmation box has been removed from the shared portion of the XP booster.

Temporary Powers

  • Temporary powers will no longer function inside Mot's stomach or in the hospital interior of Dilemma Diabolique.

Water Blast

  • Water Blast - Hydro Blast's water ball will accept tinting better.


  • Devices - Gun Drone's AI has been modified. It now strongly prefers attacking at long range rather than in melee range, and it will no longer seem to "stick" to the floor when trying to path to its owner.
  • Flame Mastery/Rise of the Phoenix: The untouchable portion of this power no longer has a delay.


  • Fire Mastery/Rise of the Phoenix: The untouchable portion of this power no longer has a delay.


  • Fire Mastery/Rise of the Phoenix: The untouchable portion of this power no longer has a delay.


  • Claws/Build Up: Fixed a bug that caused this power to not increase Toxic damage dealt.


Overwhelming Force

  • These enhancements now list a minimum level of 10 in their descriptions.
  • Bonfire and Tornado now have their chance to knock per power tick reduced by 60% when Overwhelming Force: Knockback to Knockdown is slotted in the power. This brings the mitigation from these powers on par with Ice Slick or similar powers, while retaining their damage dealing capability.



  • The 'Clamor and Destruction' arc will now properly gain a gold star when completed via Ouroboros.

Ms. Liberty's Task Force

  • Fixed an issue where the Master of badge was displaying Back Alley Brawler instead of Ms. Liberty.

Signature Story Arc 2: Episode 1

  • Troll bosses found in Signature Story 2: Pandora's Box now count towards the Troll boss defeat badge.

First Ward

  • Blind Makwa - the allies in the mission can no longer be killed and thus cannot prevent mission progression

Nova Praetoria - Repeatable Missions

  • Clockwork A87952 - Resistance Presence Increasing in Tunnels - Fixed an issue where the mission was asking the player to defeat the IDF instead of the Resistance, making it impossible to complete.

Peregrine Island

  • Fixed an error in Maria Jenkin's tasks where Praetor Tilman was referred to as Penelope Yin's Praetorian counterpart.

Mission Architect

  • Fixed an issue where Statesman was not showing up as a valid contact for missions.

Morality Missions

  • Morality Mission: With Honors - Doc Quantum is no longer hostile to the player in the mission.


Imperial City

  • Players who log out at the Praetorian Underground Trader or Imperial City Auction House will now properly earn credit towards the Auctioneer Day Job.

Night Ward

  • Fixed an issue where free players would receive pop ups for Night Ward contacts even though they could not access them.
  • Midnighter Mansion - Day Job Volume covers the interior of the mansion as well as the appropriate areas outside of the mansion.


Night Ward

  • Black Feathers should no longer be able snipe players from beyond the player's visual scale.