Patch Notes/2011-04-26

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04.26.11 build 2010.201104210057.1



  • The command "/league" can now be used as an alias to send chat to the League channel.
  • Attempting to invite a 7th team to your league should no longer spam an error message 6 times.
  • There is now a sound played when receiving messages on the League chat channel.
  • Corrected a debug message appearing when Leagues are broken up under certain circumstances.

Auction House

  • Bidding the same items separately causing a sold stack to lock with greater than 2 billion INF should is no longer possible.
    • Contact Customer Service if you still have any such stacks locked in your Auction House UI


Animal Pack

  • Animal Fur texture is now available for Flat feet.
  • On Cat Claw feet, the claws themselves no longer inherit a color tinting.
  • A tintable striped version of the Animal Cat tail has been added as "Animated - Cat Tail 2".


  • Monstrous Fur texture is now available for Flat feet.


  • Reward Merits, Vanguard Merits, Architect Tickets, Astral & Empyrean Merits, Incarnate Components and Discount Coupons can no longer be deleted.

Incarnate Trials

  • Reward tables for endgame events have been adjusted based upon collected data.
    • Players will now find their chance of being awarded higher tier rewards has been slightly increased.
  • The following powers can now be used during Incarnate Trials and other instances where Temporary Powers were disabled
    • Event Costume Powers
    • Halloween Costume Powers
    • Travel-Only Temp Powers such as the Raptor Pack (these are still unavailable during Arena matches)
  • The Objective section of an Incarnate Trial should now display When the Zone Event UI is minimized

Incarnate Trial - Lambda Sector

  • Removed checks on the number of players present in Lambda Sector's first two stages.
  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck on the door leading to the interior of Lambda Sector.
  • The mini-map location inside Lambda Sector where player markers first appear should no longer be missing room graphics.
  • Lambda Sector's forces fixed a problem with their jump boots. IDF and Warworks forces will now be able to assist Marauder if he is fought on the roof of Lambda Sector.

Incarnate Trial - Behavioral Adjustment Facility

  • Grounded a pair of floating bivouac buildings

Incarnate Powers

  • Ion Judgement jumps are now properly set to ignore the effect of player buffs like the rest of the Judgement powers.
  • The ice shards in Judgement - Cryonic should now always aim in the same direction as the rest of the effect.
  • Pets should now apply the Reactive Interface DoT as expected.
  • All Lore support pets now provide positional defense as well as typed defense.
  • Mk. VI Essence attacks now appear in the Pets Combat Log.

Incarnate Components

  • Conversions have been added to the Incarnate Creation interface which allow the following:
    • Freely downgrade Incarnate Components into a component of lesser rank of your choice. (Very Rare->Rare, Rare->Uncommon, Uncommon->Common)
    • Side-grade Incarnate Components into a component of equal rank of your choice. This conversion requires expending 2 Incarnate Threads for a conversion between Common Components, 6 Incarnate Threads for a conversion between Uncommon Components, 30 Incarnate Threads for a conversion between Rare Components, and 150 Incarnate Threads for a conversion between Very Rare Components.
  • The previous Breakdown conversions have been reorganized into the new Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare tabs in the crafting window to keep them together.

Alignment Mission

  • Today's Newspaper - Frostfire is now on trial for killing nearly an entire "detachment" of Longbow rather than a "dispatchment".
  • Recruitment Flyer - This mission should no longer complete prematurely.
  • A Strange Mystical Trinket - You now must defeat Raveshna and the other captors around Orsen Greenfield before you can talk to him.
  • A Strange Mystical Trinket - The epilogue window when you leave the mission now has appropriate text.
  • Wanted Poster with Your Face - Doppelgangers will no longer premature attack the Longbow holding them hostage on the Vigilante version of this mission.
  • Morality Mission \ With Honors - Doc Quantum will not converse with the player until he is rescued.


  • Players who are defeated when Bobcat is defeated will still receive the Kitty's Got Claws badge if the conditions have been met.
  • The 5th Column Gladiator badge is now also awarded to anyone who completes the Dr. Khan TF or Barracuda SF. This award will be retroactive


  • Fixed an issue where Malta gas swarm missiles were being created at inappropriate level ranges.
  • Midnight Squad Living Armor has made a return to the appropriate places in the game.
  • Rikti Pylons' Swarm Missiles now correctly check against AoE Defense, instead of Ranged Defense.

User Interface

  • The option to hide buff numbers will now function at the league level.
  • An internal debug menu has been edited so that it should no longer have a chance to randomly appear on the User Interface.

German Client

  • Corrected an error in the log message for receiving Incarnate XP.
  • Text should no longer get cut off from certain chat bubbles in the Behavioral Adjustment Facility, B.A.F., cut scenes.



Admiral Sutter Task Force

  • When you talk to Admiral Sutter he will immediately give you his cell phone.
  • Col. Duray's Air Strike should no longer target players in the buried section of Destroyed Skyway City.
  • Significantly increased the radius of Jane Temblor and Fusion's signature powers as well as properly adjusted their special mechanics which make knockback/knockup protection inapplicable under certain conditions.
  • Harbinger's Bombs now have much reduced HP as originally intended.
  • The target area has been increased for Praetorian Drones

Lady Grey Task Force

  • Penelope Yin cannot be attacked by players if left stranded or recaptured.

Dr. Kahn Task Force / Barracuda Strike Force

  • The merit rewards for the Dr. Khan Task Force and the Barracuda Strike Force had been mistakenly reversed. This is now corrected to the pre-I19 values.

Story Arcs

  • Roy Cooling - The longbow skiff is now replaced by a jump bot incinerator, which has an easier time navigating the environment than the skiff.
  • Roy Cooling - Mission 2: The mini map is now visible when exiting the office building.
  • Tina Macintyre - The Instant Army now gives out its proper souvenir clue.
  • Numina - Some text on The Unity Plague story arc has been restored to its original state.

Hero Epic Archetypes

  • Kheldians should no longer encounter Crey Nictus Hunters spawning at inappropriate levels.


  • Ice Mastery \ Ice Blast no longer incorrect states it accepts To-Hit Debuff and Accurate To-Hit Debuff sets.
  • Aid Other no longer uses the Nova animation when used twice from a combat stance.
  • Super Inspirations - Ultimate Super Inspiration now states in its description that its effects last for 180 seconds.
  • Blaze Mastery \ Char Scrapper crits now do the proper amount of damage in PVP.
  • Cold Mastery \ Frozen Armor now has correct toggle info text


  • The Energy Ring Toss power used by the Attendants of the Carnival of Shadows will now be checked against Ranged Defense rather than Melee Defense.



  • Arbiters will no longer refer to the old Lackey system in leveling up messages.


Ice Mistral Strike Force

  • On mission "Destroy the Crystals", all enemies now spawn above-ground, can be defeated, and allowing successful completion of the strike force.

Dr. Kahn Task Force / Barracuda Strike Force

  • The merit rewards for the Dr. Khan Task Force and the Barracuda Strike Force had been mistakenly reversed. This is now corrected to the pre-I19 values.

Silver Mantis Strike Force

  • Enemies in the Sky Raider ship interior during the final mission will no longer vanish when attacked.

Story Arcs

  • Diviner Maros - Legacy Chain which would randomly attack each other have settled their differences and stopped infighting.


  • Stalker Kinetic Melee \ Concentrated Strike now will automatically refresh Build Up as its critical effect when used from the Hidden state. In additional a Build Up message will be displayed over the player when this effect is triggered.
  • Mu Mastery \ Electric Shackles, Soul Mastery \ Soul Drain, Soul Storm, Levithan Mastery \ School of Sharks, Spirit Shark Jaws should no longer perform Scourge bonus damage when used by Defenders.
  • Dominator Ice Mastery \ Sleet is no longer affected by the no-phase timer.



Story Arcs

  • Transmuter Mission 3 Task 2 - This map no longer has a black occlusion wall separating a hallway from a room.
  • IVY - Task 2 - The option to Abandon Mission has been removed from the appropriate Neuron dialogue window.
  • (Praetorian) Dr. Hetzfeld - A door that players could fall through has been closed in the last mission.