Patch Notes/2007-02-13

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2.13.07 Version 13.20070122.4T


  • Pocket D Jubilee! One year ago at Valentine’s Day, DJ Zero reopened Pocket D to great success! To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Pocket D, DJ Zero presents more of the same fun from yesteryear!
  • Graphical effects changes to improve game performance.
  • Power revisions.



  • Burn: Normalized all versions of 'Burn' to now have a recharge time of 25 seconds. This is a reduction for Tankers, and an increase for Brutes and Blasters.
  • Performance: Made changes to the following graphics effects for performance improvements:
  • Psychic Shockwave
  • Drain Psyche
  • Oppressive Gloom
  • Death Shroud
  • Whirling Hands
  • Foot Stomp
  • Stalagmite
  • Circle of Thorn Crystals
  • Devouring Earth Eminators
  • Poison Gas Arrow
  • Other Power Changes:
  • Invincibility: Brute and Scrapper versions of Invincibility taunt effect should now work properly.
  • Animate Stone's attack powers now use knock down, not knock back. Really. We mean it this time!
  • Power Thrust: Corrected an issue with PvP Knockback suppression. This power will now properly suppress in PvP and not in PvE.
  • Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle animation: Fixed the 'hitch' that happened if used in conjunction with Targeting Drone.
  • Assault Rifle will no longer root the player while being drawn.
  • Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle power animation will no longer interrupt itself, which will prevent the power from appearing to be interrupted when it's really not. This was specifically reported as happening with Targeting Drone active.
  • Will Domination and Dominate rooting time while flying is now the same as standing.
  • Drain Psyche's rooting time has been reduced and changed to work more consistently.
  • Added priority values to help correct Mastermind Thug pets from wearing the incorrect costumes and Kheldian from slipping back into "human" mode.


  • Base Salvage is now all categorized under "Base". This is done to clean up the lists for when Invention Salvage is added.


  • The storm that had blown over Founders Falls and Croatoa has moved on and the more appropriate sky should now be seen there.
  • The sky in Steel Canyon has been reset to display the correct "bright" sky for the area and correct an issue that could allow players to fly outside of the zone area. Hey, it’s not safe out there, even for the super powered!
  • Corrected a server issue that could lead to instability.
  • Improved Game Stability, including correcting a possible issue with capes that could lead to a client crash. We are still evaluating this issue, so if you do experience an issue that brings up a client crash report, as always it will be helpful if you choose to submit them.