Patch Notes/2004-11-16

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11/16/04 Patch Notes


  • Auto AFK: If there is no keyboard activity in 5 minutes, your character will automatically be set to AFK (“Away From Keyboard”).
  • Auto Logout: In order to improve lag and framerate for our players, we have instituted an Auto Logout feature for players who are not actively playing the game. After 18 minutes of inactivity you will hear a chime and receive a message that you will be auto logged out in 2 minutes. If you have not given any inputs to your character in those 2 minutes, you will hear a klaxon and the 30 second logout timer will begin. If you resume activity during those 20 minutes then the Auto Logout will be reset.
    You will NOT Auto Logout under the following circumstances:
    • You are on a Mission Map.
    • You are on a Task Force.


  • Tutorial: Fixed some color issues in Professor Hoffman's text.
  • Shadow Shard: Fixed some issues in Sgt. Goddard's text.

Game Stability

  • Fixed bugs causing mission maps to crash.