Patch Notes/2005-06-01

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06/01/05 Patch Notes


  • Set Defender Fallout debuff to be unresistable in PvP.
  • Reverted out the change to the Hamidon enhancement "Enzyme Exposure".
  • Fixed Hamidon con color. The Hamidon will no longer con blue to level 50 characters. The Hamidon's actual powers and level are unchanged.
  • Claws/Follow Up now displays an icon for the buff it gives.
  • Warshade pets will now be dismissed when their caster becomes an exemplar, like other pets.
  • Siphon Speed now correctly displays a buff icon Game Stability Fixed occasional crash when a Peacebringer changed costumes in Bright Nova or White Dwarf form.


  • Fix for bug that could cause chat to go to the incorrect channel after zoning.
  • In Coalition Chat, All Supergroup members can see the channel options. If they are not eligible to change the options, the options are grayed out.


  • Dragging Inspirations into full Powers slots will no longer delete them.