Patch Notes/2004-06-09

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  • Fixed problem with Dr. Cheng being called incorrectly in Delivery missions.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect door type in Family missions.
  • Fixed problem with Hamidon Mitochondria not attacking when spawned.
  • Fixed problem with Hamidon reward not being given out reliably.


  • Blaster/Devices/Smoke grenade now has a normal chance to hit (it no longer auto hits all targets in the affected area). Foes that you fail to hit will not get agro (that is, if you miss some of the foes in the affected area, they will not turn to attack you, so risk is still minimal). Smoke grenade now takes Accuracy Enhancements.
  • Doubled duration of Deflection Shield and Insulation Shield.
  • Doubled the duration of Fortitude (it does not stack).
  • Reduced the END cost of Clear Mind. Decreased its recharge time.
  • Increased the duration of Kinetics/Speed Boost and reduced its END cost.
  • Decreased the END cost of Kinetics/Increase Density.
  • Kinetics/Fulcrum Shift now buffs caster, and those near the caster, in addition to buffing those near enemies.
  • Increased the duration of the Sleep/Disorient protection from O2 Boost.
  • Fixed Short Help for Accelerate Metabolism (said it was a Team power but it is an Ally power).
  • Reduced END cost of Super Speed.
  • Regeneration/Instant Healing now accepts Recharge Enhancements and END Discount Enhancements and its recharge time is reduced to 60 seconds.
  • Added DoT to Electricity Blast/Short Circuit (it now does significantly more damage).
  • Increased damage of Energy Manipulation/Power Thrust.
  • Increased damage of Energy Blast/Power Push.
  • Increased Healing of Twilight Grasp and Transfusion.
  • Increased Accuracy of Transfusion and Transference.
  • Increased Recharge, Damage and END Cost of the following Blaster melee attacks: (This was to make them more useful and appealing as a secondary set power)
    • Energy Manipulation: Energy Punch, Bone Smasher.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Charged Brawl, Havok Punch, Thunder Strike.
    • Fire Manipulation: Fire Sword, Ice Manipulation, Ice Sword.
  • Decreased the threat level of Phase Shift, Dimension Shift.   It will be much harder to hold agro with these powers now.
  • It is now possible for some villains to resist Enervating Field.
  • Sprint again accepts Jump Enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug that let you select Leadership Vengeance before having 2 of the previous powers in the pool. If you already have Vengeance, but were not suppose to, it will NOT be removed.
  • Reduced the END cost of Defender Blast powers. Slightly reduced the END cost of scrapper, tanker, and controller attack powers.
  • Fixed Devouring Earth Swarm vulnerability (they were taking double and triple damage from some damage types like fire).
  • More tuning to jumping physics.  Jump Controls should be improved now.
  • Increased Provoke Recharge Time from 3 to 10 seconds.   Also, Provoke no longer Auto Hits (It currently does not take ACC Enhancements, but this will be corrected in the next patch).
  • Increased Fly Speed of Group Fly.  Also fixed a bug that stopped Fly Enhancements from increasing your Fly Speed of Group Fly.
  • Removed Heal Enhancements as valid Enhancements allowed in Moment of Glory.  MoG does not increase heal rate, and thus the Enhancements were not doing anything.
  • Fixed Moment of Glory so you cannot regenerate HP while it is on, even with Instant Healing.
  • Reduced Duration of "Burn" in half.  Decreased its END cost to 1/3. Increased Recharge time.
  • Fiery Embrace now Buffs the damage of all damage types for a short while (it still greatly increases fire attacks for a long time):  "Significantly boosts the damage of all your Fire attacks for quite a while.  Also increases the damage of all your other non-fire based attacks for a short while."
  • Fixed F/X for Fiery Embrace.
  • Increased Damage and decreased END cost of Blazing Aura.
  • Increased Damage and decreased END cost of Death Shroud, Spines/Quills, and Lightning Field.
  • Changed text help for Burn, Hot Feet, and Ice Patch to indicate it can only be activated near ground (this is a text only change).
  • New system chat message that Sprint is activated.
  • Fixed Vengeance help text info error. (This is a text only change).
  • Fixed Short Circuit help text info error. (This is a text only change).
  • Fixed Tesla Cage help text info error. (This is a text only change).
  • Fixed Telekinesis help text info error. (This is a text only change).
  • Fixed Singularity help text info error. (This is a text only change).


  • Hamidon has grown in power.
  • Behemoths should no longer appear in Kings Row.
  • Arch villains are more resistant to debuffs now.
  • Fixed problem that made it difficult to select (click on) Devouring Earth villains.

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