Patch Notes/2012-05-01

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12.05.01 build 2240.201204160439.1.0

Patch Notes for Build 2240.201204160439.1.0

Issue 22 Patch 3 Notes


Team Transport

  • Activate this power to summon a transport vehicle. Standing near the vehicle will teleport your team mates to the their active mission door.** Heroes, Vigilantes and Rogues in Paragon City will summon a Longbow Chaser
  • Villains, Vigilantes and Rogues in the Rogue Isles will summon an Arachnos Flier
  • Praetorians in Praetoria will summon a Praetorian Chaser
  • This power can be used once every 30 minutes



  • Archetype selection in character creation can no longer be deselected.
  • The VIP Tier 9 Fire and Ice costume sets are now included in the scrolling costume menu.



  • Fixed a bug that was causing PPM enhancements to proc incorrectly.
  • A timing issue has been fixed with Peacebringer and Warshade costume change emotes


Tin Mage Task Force

  • Reward drops have been removed from Neuron's clones.

Imperious Task Force

  • Fixed an issue where Romulus Augustus Nictus was appearing in normal spawns.

Dark Astoria

Dream Doctor - Mission 3

  • Fixed an issue where Kheldians running the mission would not have all entities be removed from the ritual after the cutscene was completed.

Dream Doctor and Sister Solaris

  • When players choose to have a team of NPC allies in the final missions, the experience will be adjusted as follows:
  • Sister Solaris: Regular spawns of Talons will give 30% of their rewards. The remaining groups will give 50% of their rewards.
  • Dream Doctor: Regular Banished Pantheon spawns will give 30% of their rewards. This does not effect any spawns after the, "Defeat 200 Banished Pantheon" portion.

Imperial City

  • Jessica Flores's mission "Rescue Jason and Kenneth" can be completed once more.

Signature Story Arc 1: Episode 7

  • Fixed an issue where biographies were missing for tanks, Rula-Wade, and the Rularuu artifacts.


  • Sister Airlia - Power from the Past Mission 2. Fixed an issue where the Longbow Ballista did not scale down to level 35.



  • Mayhem and Safeguard mission badges now display progress bars for Rogues and Vigilantes.