Patch Notes/2005-12-01

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12/01/05 Patch Notes



  • Improved game stability.
  • Safe Mode option now disables loading of user-overridden files, like downloaded map packs.
  • Closely packed map icons will now automatically separate for easier selection.


  • Powers that accept Endurance Modification Enhancements should no longer say they accept Endurance Recovery Enhancements. They now say they accept Endurance Modification Enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug with resistances for Circle of Thorn Frost Demons (Hordeling Lasher, Hordeling Hurler, Hordeling Berserker, Hellfrost, and Blade Prince). They are now resistant to cold and vulnerable to fire instead of the other way around.
  • Resistances for Caleb should now be similar to that of all Circle of Thorn Spectres (resistant to Smashing, Lethal, Toxic and Negative Energy but vulnerable to Energy and Psionic).
  • Fixed a bug with resistances for Deathsurge. Deathsurge should now be resistant to Energy.
  • Sonic Siphon should no longer flood the Combat page with messages.
  • More tweaks for IR Goggles. They work properly now.
  • Thunder Clap no longer reports that it disabled toggles on PvE targets.

City Zones

  • Warburg: All characters in Safe Zones gain a high resistance to Confuse powers for as long as they remain in the Safe Zone.


  • All placeable objects now have sound and increased brightness of pulse.
  • Cathedral of Pain - fixed Force Field power of final boss.
  • Cathedral of Pain - Encounter spawns near obelisks adjusted.


  • Fixed Smasher Elite and Shivan gladiator badges.



  • Ice Armor/Energy Absorbtion allows the amount of endurance returned to be increased by Enhancements properly now.

City Zones

  • Outbreak: Updated Tutorial with more images.



  • Increased the effectiveness of Brute/Energy Aura powers (Kinetic Shield, Dampening Field, Power Shield, Energy Protection, and Energy Cloak).
  • Removed De-Toggle effect from Longbow Ballista and Wardens.


  • Villains who have used the respec granted by the first respec trial will now be properly granted the respec from the second trial.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Brokers from introducing players to mid-to-high level Contacts.