Patch Notes/2011-09-15

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09.15.11 build 2100.201109140228.1.0

VIP Head Start - Patch Notes for Build 2100.201109140228.1

Combined: VIP Head Start

Server Selection

  • The Scroll Bar for the Server Select Screen should no longer snap back to the top position after you slide it.

Server Transfer

  • Praetorians, Rogues and Vigilantes should no longer report incorrect data when they are transferred to another server.

Paragon Market

  • Players should no longer become disconnected to the Paragon Market after 10 minutes of idling.
  • Fixed a client crash when removing items from Paragon Market shopping cart with a scroll bar.

Bug Reporting

  • /bug should no longer bring up the /petition window by default

Enhancement Base Storage

  • Players should be able to add or remove + and ++ enhancements from base storage.
  • This does not apply to any Invention Origin Enhancements that have been level boosted.

Alignment Missions

  • Tip Missions can now be dismissed. Previously the "Dismiss this Contact" option was missing for tips.

Mac OS X

Paragon Market - Mac Client

  • Font issues that caused an X to appear instead of text should now be resolved for OS 10.7