Patch Notes/2007-09-11

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9.11.07 Version 15.20070813.4T

New Anti Chat-Spam Command

This version includes a new chat command.


By using this command, a user will let our customer support know that they consider the person they added to their ignore list as one that is “spamming.” For example, if a player receives an in-game tell advertising for a real money trade web site, they can use the /ignore_spammer command, followed by the name of the character they received this advertisement tell from to put them on ignore.

Ideally, the user can then follow up with a /petition to also let us know of the disruptive behavior via that method.

Other Changes


  • Corrected an issue with a missing Arachnos Base Map. Players should now correctly enter the base, rather than the empty void of nothingness they may have experienced previously.