Patch Notes/2004-10-27

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10/27/04 Patch Notes


  • Fixed bug that caused some Giant Monsters and a few other villains to stop attacking.
  • Fixed bad villain info text for Elementals.
  • Removed Disorient attacks from Elemental minions (modified Elemental Lts and Boss attacks).


  • Objectives in missions that give XP have had the amount of XP they give reduced at the higher levels, but the chance for earning a big Inspiration or Enhancement has been increased accordingly.
  • You are now able to pick an Enhancement for a Story Arc reward, even if you out-leveled the ability to get rewards for the Story Arc. The Enhancement will be the level the Story Arc was issued at.


  • Removed ambushes from missions occurring in hazard zones


  • When a player earns a new costume slot, it will now copy the costume currently in slot 0. (Previously, it copied the original costume the character created)