Patch Notes/2012-04-10

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12.04.10 build 2230.201203280247.1.0

Patch Notes for Build 2230.201203280247.1.0

Issue 22 Patch 2




  • German language client's quick emote list will no longer freeze the client when clicking it.
  • Additional power trays should now bend properly on the top and left sides of the screen.
  • Dark Astoria now appears in the zone list for player search on villain side.

Team-Up Teleporter

  • Fixing a bug that could cause players to be left out of the proper team when the Team-up Teleporter creates a league when starting an event.
  • Players will now be properly teleported to the contact from inside a mission map or on another task force when starting a task force via the Team-up Teleporter.


Dilemma Diabolique

  • Non-controllable pets will now attack the Repulsive Spines found in Stage 1.


  • Changed Upper Body category name, "Magic Bolero" to "Bolero" and sub-category name, "Shoulder Fur" to "Shoulder Detail".
  • Removed a purchasable eye aura that was present in the Elemental Armor costume set. This aura was causing problems with the new costume piece checkbox.



  • Team teleport powers now teleport teammates that are in a different vision phase.
  • Inner Inspiration: Fixed a bug that caused the 30 minute lockout period of Inner Inspiration to track in-game time. Instead it now correctly uses in or out of game time.
  • Toggle Powers no longer drop after having been logged out for 15 minutes or more.
  • Fixing a bug that would cause sleep resistance to sometimes make its owner immune to some sleep powers.
  • Fixing a bug that was causing proc per minute enhancements to proc too often in cone powers.


  • Illusion Control/Spectral Wounds: Fixed a bug that would prevent this power from healing the target for a small amount of health after 10 seconds.

Flying Disc

  • Adjusted the animation so that it works in close range without the catcher showing two discs in hand

Liger Vanity Pet

  • Spawn FX now plays on liger spawn.


  • Reduced the procs per minute on the Store version of Performance Shifter: Chance for +End from 3 to 1.5 to be consistent with the Invention Origin version.
  • Slotting Scrapper's Strike: Rech/+Critical Hit Chance or Superior Scrapper's Strike: Rech/+Critical Hit Chance will now display a more appropriate power icon.

Enhancement Converters

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent this special salvage from showing up on Hero/Villain Merit vendors and Astral/Empyrean Merit vendors.
  • Enhancement Converters now have a small chance to drop off of Archvillains. Previously Archvillains had no chance to award Enhancement Converters.
  • The Paragon Market icon should no longer appear on the enhancement conversion window.
  • Fixed a bug where To Hit Buff IOs could be converted into To Hit Debuff IOs and vice versa.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow enhancement converters to convert a level 50 Hold IO into a very rare Hold IO.


Signature Story Arc 1: Episode 7

  • Faathim the Kind's targeting box now extends through his entire body to fix an issue with some players not being able to talk to him.
  • Fixed a bug where mission progress would reset if all players left the instance when doing the "Defeat Rula-Wade, once and for all" mission in the Signature Story Arc.

Dr Kahn Task Force

  • Fixed a client crash that would occur when a player walked into the Transportation Portal in Dr. Kahn's Task Force.

Citadel Task Force

  • Mission 9 of the Citadel Task Force will now send players to Talos Island instead of Dark Astoria.

Terra Volta Respec Trial

  • The Coolant temp power will again heal the Reactor Core when used on it.

Dark Astoria

  • Fixing a server crash that could sometimes occur when summoning Adamastor.

Alignment Missions

  • Vigilante to Villain - The Dragon's Whelp - Fixed the issue where no dialog options would display when you talk to Flamespout for the second time.
  • Vigilante - Warm Brass and Cold Bodies - Fixed an issue where talking to Sarah Winters did not cause the dialog tree to advance.

Mission Architect

  • Fixed an issue where the office tray piece that transitioned into caves had several wall object spawns embedded in the walls.



  • All Dark Astoria achievement badges will now reward to all members of the team if the team leader is eligible to receive them.
  • The badge for defeating all four Repulsive Spines in the first stage of Dilemma Diabolique has been renamed from "Gate Crasher" to "Spinebreaker".
  • The text description for the Master of Dilemma Diabolique badge replaces reference to a "Rescued and Recovered" badge with the correct name, "Spinebreaker"
  • Steel Canyon - Deadly Combatant and Dignified Combatant will now reward to all members of the team who are on the mission map.