Patch Notes/2007-05-24

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5.24.07 Version 14.20070508.2T



  • Global Message of the Day (the “Known Issues” login message) no longer appears in chat, only as a popup. Players that want to view the message again after dismissing it can do so by typing “/gmotd” in chat. This instruction will show up in chat when you log in.


  • Woodsman’s Task Force (the “Eden Trial”) and the Maren MacGregor Task Force (aka the “Sewer Trial”) now have choice tables upon completion. Choice can be a Task Force recipe (i.e. a recipe from the Task Force pool), or the Multi-aspect Enhancement reward that these missions have normally given. Choosing the recipe counts as your “once every three hours” Task Force recipe reward for that character.


  • Added kill volumes inside Universities to prevent hostile critters from getting inside. Bad critters!


  • /emote drum and /emote drumlow will no longer play sounds (They were impacting performance too much). This is a temporary change to address performance. Look for drum sounds to return in a future build.

Graphic Effects

  • Optimized Invulnerability set effects for Tanks, Scrappers, and Brutes to improve performance. This primarily involved reducing the number of redundant effects. While performance is significantly increased with this change, expect a future change to this set of effects to improve the aesthetic quality of the graphics.


  • Fix for lighting corruption (“black fuzzies” effect) on GeForce 8800s on Arachnos mission maps.


  • Fixed bug that made some costume pieces invisible in certain color combinations.


  • Fixed bug where stores would sometimes buy all or part of a stack of recipes for the price of one.