Patch Notes/2004-09-17

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  • Adjusted the difficulty of the final mission of the Terra Volta trial.


  • Fixed bug with the Rikti causing their swords to inflict far too much damage.

The Hollows

  • Lowered the maximum level of spawns near the entrances to the zone.


  • The Freedom badge now has an icon.
  • Fixed several Accolades so that players now receive the correct bonus.
  • Fixed bug related to Accolades and leveling up that made characters appear to have the wrong number of Enhancement slots while training.


  • Fixed a display bug with Hasten where, if Hasten ended while a Power with a long recharge time was recharging, the Power would appear as ready to use before it had finished recharging. Actual recharge times unchanged.

Server Stability

  • Fixed various server stability problems.