Patch Notes/2006-07-12

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  • Peacebringers in Lightform are no longer invisible to other players who have particle effects turned off.
  • Corrected Tooltip on Leadership/Tactics -- the right click help on the power icon did not list Fear resistance.


  • Added code to prevent the level adjustment of AVs/Heroes in Task Forces/Strike Forces based on Notoriety.

City Zones

  • Bloody Bay: Closed hole that allowed players to get below the Hero base.
  • Pocket D: Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck in the elevator.


  • Added more female names to Badge Titles.


  • Numerous small clipping issues fixed.
  • Fixed double listing of Chiton Armor for Female Bottoms.

City of Heroes


  • Troll Task Force badge now gives proper credit for time spent in the Hollows.

City of Villains


  • Manticore's Rain of Arrows has been toned down -- the power no longer multiplies the amount of damage by the number of targets hit.
  • Manticore has also regained his access to the emergency teleportation system -- a fact he uses to great benefit. (He should actually use his Teleportation power now.)
  • PPD Kheldians Incandescent Strike and buffing ability has been reduced somewhat. The buffs are approximately 40% of previous strength, and Incandescent Strike will now be used more often, but cause around 50% of previous damage.