Patch Notes/2010-12-07

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Patch notes for build 1900.201011102104.11.


Tip Missions

  • Nocturnal Oneironmancies:
    • The exit text has been updated and will be correctly displayed upon mission completion.
  • The Unusual Suspects
    • Silent Blade will no longer fall over dead after her dialogue exchange.
  • One Good Spider
    • Corrected the mission accept option text.
  • Your Friend, Sabre, Called
    • Overdrive will now help you take down Captain Anderson.
  • The Dagger of Caernoz
    • Adjusted text so that it makes sense why Lord Caernoz spawns as hostile.
  • Bootleg Video Case
    • Added sub-objective text for rescuing Colins.
  • Hologram of General Aarons
    • AoE attacks will no longer kill General Aarons.
  • Interrogation Results
    • Wyvern patrols will no longer attack other Wyvern agents.
  • Deactivated Arachnos Spider
    • Savage Siren can no longer be defeated.
    • The mission will no longer complete before Savage Siren is rescued.
  • An Unreturned Phone Call
    • Jim Matherson will no longer become friendly and forget you are trying to kill him if you run away from him.
  • Private Punishment
    • The first encounter will spawn only the boss, no warriors.
    • Private Punishment will no longer succumb to AoE damage.


  • Apex Task Force
    • The mission map marker leading from the sewer to the PPD headquarters should no longer be pointing to a spot beneath the world.
    • Fixed some text errors in this task force.
  • Tin Mage Task Force:
    • Director 11's 'minelayers' can no longer be targeted by AOE damage.
    • Fixed the Defense Force NPCs info text in the final mission.
  • Apex and Tin Mage Task Forces:
    • Warworks enemies no longer become untargetable after being defeated.

Mission Architect

  • Fixed mini-map issues with Atlas Park Time Capsule and Nemesis Shadow Shard Base


  • Fort Trident
    • Signature NPCs will now allow Heroes to progress through their dialogue trees.


  • The Crucible
    • Signature NPCs will now allow Villains to progress through their dialogue trees.


Zone Events

  • The Syndicate Takedown: The last stage will now properly credit the defeats of any remaining sub-bosses from the Interior stage toward the success condition for the guards.
  • Great Escape: Players will no longer get stuck in the door in the second phase of the Resistance path.