Patch Notes/2012-07-10

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12.07.10 2310.201207040204.1.0


Summer Blockbuster Event

  • Overwhelming Force's Knockdown proc now functions properly.
  • Overwhelming Force enhancements can now be traded at Wentworth's and the Black Market.
  • Overwhelming Force enhancements can now be linked in chat.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent attuned enhancements from being able to be slotted by characters of certain levels within the enhancements' intended level ranges. (Overwhelming Force enhancements earned by higher level characters were unusable by lower level characters until they reached the same level as the character who earned the enhancement.)

Incarnate Trial – Magisterium

  • In the final Tyrant fight, Lore Pets no longer receive the level shift from defeating Lights of the Well. This was causing Tyrant to be defeated much more quickly than intended.
  • Tyrant's Zeus Lightning Bolt will properly affect airborne targets for its entire duration.