Patch Notes/2004-05-26

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City Zones:

  • Unresponsive villains in the Circle of Thorns caves should defend their lairs again.


  • Several Task Force Mission issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with higher-level Task Force story arcs.
  • Fix for a “ Mission ” map server crash occurring whenever a player had a mission map running and logged off from a City Zone.


  • The Vahzilok disease issue has been fixed.


  • Task Force Rewards now give XP and Influence as well as the Enhancement.  


  • Removed Jump Enhancements from Sprint.  
  • Increased Damage and Reduced END cost of Parry (Broadsword and Katakana).
  • Fixed (Reduced) END cost of Katana/Slice.  
  • Fixed (Reduced) Recharge Time of Radiation Emission/Accelerate Metabolism.
  • Storm Summoning/Thunder Clap now accepts Accuracy Enhancements.
  • Increased the Accuracy of Storm Summoning/Thunder Clap. It now can affect more targets.
  • Fixed text message for Broadsword and Katana Whirling Sword. Added message that it debuffs the target's defense. Power is unchanged, only the message was updated.
  • Fixed Pets traveling slower at higher levels.

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