Patch Notes/2008-08-05

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8.5.08 Version 17.20080723.3T




  • Fixed an issue where a player would not receive tells or see team chat messages as they were zoning.



  • Fire Control / Cinders - This power was allowing for range enhancements even though it’s a PBAoE power, this has been corrected. Cinders can no longer be slotted for range enhancements.
  • Updated info description of Minotaurs.
  • The Omega Device is no longer targetable by players
  • Plant Control/Entangle: This power will now correctly knock flying targets out of the air only if they are close to the ground.
  • Plant Control/Roots: This power will now correctly knock flying targets out of the air only if they are close to the ground.
  • The Warburg Nuke Chemical Burn power now correctly states that it reduces the target’s defense and not accuracy in its long help.
  • Adjusted the animation for Energy Transfer.


Badges and Accolades

  • Changed the name of the badge granted from Flashback challenges by buffing enemies from Valorous to Fearless.
  • Demonic Aura and Eye of the Magus: These powers had their short help changed. They previously stated these powers had a self debuff, however this was incorrect. The erroneous data in the short help was removed.


  • Resolved issue of certain geometry displaying black textures with Nvidia GeForce 8+ series video cards.






  • Cold Domination/Heat Loss: The endurance recovery buff portion of this power was granting ten times greater recovery than was intended. This has been corrected.



  • All Peacebringer attacks that have a -def component will now show the debuff defense effects.
  • Luminous Blast/Radiant Strike: This power’s long help stated it dealt high damage, this was corrected to state that it deals Superior damage.




Arachnos Soldiers

  • Bane Spider Armor Upgrade should no longer have brief “double application” of the Health bonus applied. This means you won’t have your Max health fluctuating any longer.
  • Wide Area Webgrenade: This power should now have target and caster hit messages.


  • Super Reflexes/Evasion: The brute version of this power will no longer have its defense affected by attacker’s level.
  • Brute Invulneraiblity/Invincibility: This power was generating substantially more threat than was intended. It has been brought down to generate a similar amount of threat as generated by a tanker.


  • Masterminds / Ninjas / Call Genin - Removed Quiver FX from Mastermind Genin pets when upgraded.
  • Improved damage of Mastermind Genin Shuriken powers. They now recharge more slowly, and take slightly more endurance, as well.
  • Mastermind Ninja Jounin should work as they did with I12 Launch -- all changes to their AI since have been reverted out.
  • The Ouroboros Portal will now have a description in its info if selected by a Mastermind.
  • Robotics/Pulse Rifle Blast: This power can no longer be slotted with knockback enhancements as it doesn’t have a knockback component.
  • Mastermind Soldier Medics now lose their Brawl attack when their Tier 1 upgrade is applied. This makes them less likely to rush forward into combat.
  • Mastermind Soldier Medics no longer throw their frag grenades. Instead, they are launched from their submachinegun.
  • Mastermind Necromancy Liches Torrent power should now only do Knockdown, unless slotted with Knockback Enhancements or otherwise buffed.