Patch Notes/2012-01-31

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12.31.01 build 2175.201201200210.1.0.

Patch notes for Build 2175.201201200210.1.0.

Issue 21 Special Update: Media Blitz - January 31, 2012 [Live]



  • Fixed a crash which could occur with the Arena Interface.
  • Dragging an item while exiting to the login screen will no longer lock up the mouse.
  • A bug that caused some newly created shield defense characters to be kicked from the server has been fixed.

Fire and Ice Costume Set

  • Phoenix wings are now consistently attached in male, female and huge body types.
  • Fire and Ice sword and mace Titan Weapons no longer increase the size of the Titan Weapon power effects.
  • The handle of the Fire and Ice - Elemental Titan Weapon should no longer clip through the forearm of the player, whether in the idle stance or attack animations.



  • Incarnate powers should now work properly if the character changes zones while under the effects of Power Suppression from Rocket Board or Flying Carpet.
  • Tanker/Titan Weapons/Defensive Sweep: Fixed a bug that prevented this power from applying Bruising to its primary target while the user has Momentum.
  • Removed cast shadows from the following effects
  • Radiation Blast's Dark Xray beams
  • Energy Manipulation's Conserve
  • Dual pistol's Empty Clips
  • Dual pistol's Piercing Round
  • Mini SnowBeast companion pet should no longer be targetable.
  • Beast run no longer plays grunt sound when jumping.



  • Black Scorpion's mission "Attack Chaser base" can be completed once more.