Patch Notes/2012-02-28

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12.28.02 build 2180.201202102242.1.0.

Patch notes for Build 2175.201201200210.1.0.

Issue 21 Special Update: Media Blitz - February 28, 2012 [Live]


Alignment Change

  • Fixed an issue where Villains and Rogues could retain active status on some Broker contacts when changing alignment.

Character Creator/Tailor

  • An unintended secondary color option has been removed from the Quilted Jacket sleeves.

Pocket D Valentine Costume

  • Fixed strapped heels so that when purchased from the store they are correctly granted to the user. Characters who previously bought the casual dress shirt and were granted access to the strapped heels will no longer have access to the heels until purchased. Characters who purchased the strapped heels and did not get access to them will now have access to them.
  • The Metallic Dress Top should no longer show a regular upper arm when worn with Robotic Arm 3
  • Fixed some clipping with the leather studded belt on huge models.
  • The casual shirt should no longer clip through the abdomen on male body types.
  • Female baggy jeans should have less clipping with many types of belts
  • Casual dress shirt sleeves should no longer appear see-through during hands on hip idle animation.
  • A visible seam has been cleaned up on the right side of the huge casual dress shirt collar.
  • Chest and sleeves of casual dress shirt have been cleaned up for huge models.

Fire and Ice

  • Phoenix wings are now consistently attached in male, female and huge body types.
  • The female version of the left Fire and Ice - Elemental Dual Blade sword now fits properly in the left hand.



  • Prevented a bug which allowed infinite numbers of non-combat pets from being summoned.
  • Removed a misaligned hasten effect from the Coyote Travel Power.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with Flying Carpet and High Collar Capes.

Ninja Run

  • Jumping to the left while a Titan Weapon is drawn should no longer appear to stab your character.


  • Fixed a bug that would revent the attuned version of Armageddon: Damage/Endurance to be slottable if Armageddon: Chance for Fire damage is slotted.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Defender's Bastion: Recharge/Chance for Minor PBAoE Heal and Superior Defender's Bastion: Recharge/Chance for Minor PBAoE heal to not trigger reliably on nearby allies.
  • Brute's Fury: +Recharge/+Chance for +Fury - Fixed a bug that granted +Fury per target hit instead of per activation of the power.


Rikti War Zone

  • Covered up a few holes in the ground with some catwalk ground pieces.


  • The Great Escape - Resolved an issue that caused some of the critters in this encounter to spawn at inappropriate levels based on the participating players.