Patch Notes/2009-02-10

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02.10.2009 Version 18.20081210.10T4



  • Fixed a bug that caused unlocked or automatically assigned Contacts to give players story arcs before the players talked to them, and without updating the storyarc UI.


  • Added completion rewards of Influence/Infamy and XP to many story arcs that were missing them since the introduction of Merit rewards.

Merit Rewards

  • All tasks have had their Merit times and rewards re-evaluated. Most tasks received an increase to merits reward.
  • Failing a mission that is the final (or only) mission of a story arc, task force, strike force or trial may result in reduced rewards. Failing tasks that have 2 or less missions will award 0 merits. Failing tasks that have 3-4 missions will award 50% merits. Failing a task that has 5 or more missions will result in normal merits.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused private tells to be cut off at either end.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused global channels Arena & Help text to be cut off at either end.