Patch Notes/2009-10-28

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10.28.2009 1600.20091015.5T


Global Chat

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent another player from being added to your Global Friends list if the invitation was sent while both characters were in the same zone.

Halloween Event

Merit Rewards

  • To avoid inconsistencies, merits are now awarded at the moment the final objective of a mission is completed instead of the moment the leader exits the mission map.

Mission Architect

  • Fixed a bug that could cause freeing captives in timed architect missions to cause the mission to immediately fail.


  • When your character leaves / quits a team, the character always leaves the Task / Strike Force (s)he is on.

Trial Accounts

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player with a trial account attempted to upgrade their account while logged into the game.

City of Heroes


City of Villains