Patch Notes/2011-09-27

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09.27.11 build 2100.201109222317.1


Login Screen

  • The User account will log out when closing the client window during character selection.
    • The "You are already logged in" message should no longer appear during subsequent log in attempts after closing the client window during character selection.

Paragon Rewards

  • Added text to the Paragon Rewards tree to indicate which rewards are Repeatable and which rewards will only be offered for a Limited Time.


  • Purchases of the Vanguard Sigil costume change emote with Vanguard Merits should now properly unlock the emote on the character.


  • Attuned Enhancements which provided a bonus when slotting a single enhancement in a set such as Karma +Knockback Protection should now apply the bonus properly.

Signature Stories

  • Fixed an issue which was causing some of Alastor's chat to be blank.

Tin Mage

  • Restored proper rewards to the Tin Mage Mk II Task Force.


  • Claiming the Signature Summon power while under the effects of the Signature Summon Lock should no longer result in losing the claimed reward.
  • Purchased powers can no longer be deleted from the powers inventory.
  • Purchasable costume powers no longer have misleading text implying the powers can only be used for two weeks. These powers have always been permanent.

Dual Blades

  • Organic Blades should now appear correctly for Huge models using Dual Blades

Character Creator

  • Players who previously had access to the Cape of the Four Winds and Arachnos Cape should find them available again in the costume screen
  • Female characters should once again be able to find scarf 1 and scarf 2 in the costume screen

Paragon Market

  • Powers - Travel - Rocket Board
    • Added more description to the store text to let players know that all powers become untoggled and disabled while the Rocket Board is in use.
  • Powers - Travel - Mission Teleporter Power
    • Renamed the Mission Teleport Power to the Mission Transporter Power. This was to avoid confusion between the "temporary" version of the power. The Mission Transporter Power is the permanent version of the power.
  • Costumes - Chest - Monstrous Fur Pattern.
    • Moved and edited the Monstrous Fur Pattern out of the Chest and into the "Legs" category. It was accidentally placed in the wrong section.

Customer Support

  • The browser support links for German and French should no longer link to the English versions of these pages.