Patch Notes/2004-09-30

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City Zones

  • The Hollows: Changed the position of the contacts Julius the Troll and Flux. They should be easier to get to now.
  • Boomtown: the Monster Babbage is now spawning correctly in this zone.


  • Fixed the Head of the Hydra badge. It is now awarded correctly.


  • Fixed Devouring Earth Plant resistance (was taking double damage to fire).
  • Fixed Devouring Earth Mushroom resistance (was taking double damage to lethal).
  • Modified (toned down) Outcast powers (Lts and Bosses).
  • Modified (toned down) Troll powers (Lts and Bosses).
  • Limited Tsoo's availability of Caltrops
  • Improved Clear Mind duration to 90 seconds. Allowed stacking and improvement over level. (updated help text).
  • Fixed bug with Medicine/Stimulant. Duration was longer than Clear Mind and is now 60 seconds. Allowed stacking and improvement over level. (updated help text).
  • Reduced duration of Rikti communications officer\ss portal.
  • Fixed (Increased) Hamidon Heal and Travel Enhancements.
  • Fixed Spines/Ripper system chat message. System chat reported Ripper did smashing damage, but it really does Lethal.
  • Fixed short help for Elude (it still said it was a toggle though it is a Click power now).
  • Modified Hamidon.
  • Modified Sewer Kraken Defense.
  • Doubled the Duration of Discipline, Strength of Will and Iron Will Inspirations.
  • More f/x changes to Blizzard (no change to power with this change, just visual f/x).
  • Fixed an inaccuracy in damage calculation which could give pet owners who heal their pets XP when their pets are killed

Chat UI

  • Split Combat and System channels into multiple new channel categories.

Game Stability

  • Fixed bug which caused players to occasionally crash out of the game when trading with Ghost.
  • Fixed bug with Info window which could crash the client if the user requested target had changed before the server got the request (dying villain, mapmoving player).
  • Fixed rare crash which could occur if the Search Window was in use.


  • Changed the first task of the Sister Psyche Task Force mission.
  • Changed the first task of the Synapse Task Force mission.
  • Changed the first task of the Bastion Task Force mission
  • Fixed a bug affecting some missions that prevented players other than the one originally assigned the mission from being given rewards for completing the mission.
  • Fixed bugs causing villains to jump through walls on many mission maps, often making missions impossible to complete.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players with certain network configurations from being able to complete the Respec procedure.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to crash after a player completed the Respec procedure.