Patch Notes/2011-09-20

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09.20.11 build 2100.201109170227.1

VIP Head Start - Patch Notes for Build 2100.201109170227.1


Leveling Pacts

  • Leveling Pacts have been disabled

French Server Select Screen

  • The following servers should once again be labeled correctly.
    • Freedom, Justice, Pinnacle, Virtue, Liberty

German Quick Emotes

  • The German language quick emote list will no longer freeze the client when clicking it.

Atlas Park/Mercy Island

  • Decreased the amount of time it takes for certain enemies to respawn in high traffic areas.
    • Hellion Informants in Atlas Park
    • Longbow Technicians in Mercy Island

Incarnate Trial - The Underground

  • Addressed an issue where Desdemona's invincibility at the end of the event would occasionally not apply, leading to her demise and failure of the trial.

Lord Recluse Strike Force

  • Fixed an issue where Longbow Chasers were not showing up in the first mission, preventing players from progressing

Mission Architect

  • Custom Critters within Mission Architect which are capable of self-revival will give no rewards when they are defeated for the second and subsequent times. The powers still contribute to the calculation of their custom XP values.

Seed of Hamidon

  • The Germinator Terminator badge should now more reliably be awarded to those who defeat the Seed of Hamidon.

Positron Task Force

  • Heroes in need of rescue should no longer spawn on the roof of City Hall.