Patch Notes/2009-05-05

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05.05.2009 Version 18.20090422.2T



  • The Builder line of badges has had their requirements to obtain decreased substantially, so that the final badge "Master Builder" has the same requirements as getting a mission into the Hall of Fame.


Mission Architect

Mission Architect Custom Critters

  • Improved performance on Custom Critters with the Dual Blades power set. Changes were made to make it much easier for AI-controlled critters to get combos.
  • Extensively revamped the Custom Critters powers Rank and Difficulty settings. Power selection for custom critters should be better standardized, more flexible and provide finer control over the difficulty of custom critters.
    • All melee power sets have an additional ranged power added. Any ranged attack normally in a melee set will now be available at all levels, difficulties and ranks.
    • Build up and Aim style powers now are available at the "Difficult" Setting for LT's and above.
    • Status protection Toggles standardized at "Extreme" setting for LT's and above.
    • Self Rez powers set to "Extreme" Difficulty for bosses or higher rank.
    • Armor Toggles now standardized. Minions begin with normal Smash/Lethal protection, LT's begin with extra protection, and bosses get all protection toggle effects except status protection.
    • Armor power sets PBAOE toggles set at "Difficult" setting for LT's and above.
    • Ranged attacks Tier 9 nukes standardized at "Extreme" setting. All Endurance intensive nukes available to LT's and above.
    • Control power sets standardized to AOE effects at "Difficult" setting or higher.
    • Control power sets Pets set to "Difficult" setting for Bosses or higher rank.
  • Corrected Help description of Pain Domination powerset in Mission Architect
  • The rewards for defeating Rikti Communications Officers in Mission Architect has been decreased to match other minion level critters. Missions using earlier versions of the Rikti Communications Officer will be invalidated, and will need to be republished.
  • Batzul Fire Imps can no longer be selected as an allied critter. Missions including them will be invalidated and will need to be republished.
  • Visual FX for "Captured (Energy Field)" custom animation in the Mission Architect have been slightly modified. The original version was intended for a very specific use with a specific NPC (Penelope Yin)
  • Ninjitsu - Hide - Adjusted the suppression time on the damage bonus.
  • Trick Arrow - Flash Arrow - Perception Debuff now supresses when the player is hit.
  • Ninjitsu - Blinding Powder - Perception Debuff now supresses when the player is hit.
  • Devices - Smoke Grenade - Perception Debuff now supresses when the player is hit.
  • Fire Control - Smoke - Perception Debuff now supresses when the player is hit.
  • Powersets are now listed in alphabetical order when viewing 'all'.


  • Mystic Fortune - The Tower damage effect should no longer be applied when zoning or respawning, and should no longer damage players below 25% health.

City Zones