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06.23.2010 Version 1800.201006040036.4Tr

Super Booster V: Mutant

City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant is now in game and will be available tomorrow for $9.99/€8.99/£5.99 on the NCsoft® store. City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant allows you to harness the powers of mutation to access fantastic new costume sets, bizarre emotes, and the exclusive Secondary Mutation power. This booster pack serial code enables the booster pack features for all characters on the game account from level 1. However, the costume change emotes listed below require unlocking at least one additional costume slot.

Mutant Theme Costume Sets

  • The Mutant theme costume sets unlock all-new faces, armor, sleeves, shoulders, gloves, tails, wings, pants and boots.
    • Organic Armor
    • Bioluminescent
  • Custom weapons:
  • Both costume sets include tintable costume pieces, a new feature that allows you to create unique glows for individual costume pieces.

Secondary Mutation Power

  • Tap into the incredible potential locked within your DNA. Secondary Mutation allows your character to mutate itself for amazing, unexpected results. Charge into battle with new abilities. Be careful, they may help your foes more than you. There is a chance this power can backfire and turn you into a Rikti monkey. Secondary Mutation is available every 20 minutes and is not affected by recharge buffs. Its effects include:

Character Emotes

  • Showoff (/em showoff)
  • Growl (/em growl)

Costume Change Emotes

  • Activate the following mutant-themed costume change emotes using the costume change interface, selectable from the main Menu.
    • Energy Morph (/cce # CCEnergyMorph)
    • Rapid Boil (/cce # CCRapidBoil)
    • Dimensional Shift (/cce # CCDiminsionalShift)

By default characters only have one costume slot, and must unlock additional costume slots through activities in the game. This can be accomplished by completing costume slot missions at levels 20, 30, and 40, and by using Halloween Event salvage (which can also be bought and sold via the in-game Auction Houses).






  • Put back the Warrior lower body option from the Martial Arts pack, which had temporarily gone missing.
  • Fixed a bug that made the left hand gun of female Thugs Masterminds (except the Legacy Semi-Auto) invisible.
  • Fixed a bug for Male and Huge characters where the legacy tails still showed up in the Belt category if the upper body was set to Armored or Baggy.

Global Email

  • Increased the time before stored emails are deleted from 30 days to 60 days. There is now a column after the date that indicates how much longer an email will be stored.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause attachments to be lost if an email was accidentally sent to an invalid name longer than 21 characters .


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from issuing commands to Gladiators.


  • Fixed sound FX not playing properly when in flight and on Female and Huge models for various Costume Changes associated with the Mutant Pack
  • Players who have not prepurchased the Going Rogue expansion can now open The NCsoft Store Going Rogue prepurchase page at the Character Select screen at log in.


  • None


  • None