Patch Notes/2007-08-23

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8.23.07 Version 15.20070813.1T


Rikti Invasions

  • Changed default channel for Rikti Invasion broadcast messages to System instead of Admin


  • The Power of the Hamidon effect will be removed automatically if you are no longer on a Task Force.
  • Sounds changed for Sonic Resonance - Disruption field
  • Devouring Earth Lichen no longer give XP.
  • Infernal’s Altar has had its health reduced again.


  • Heroes who get a Villain Mission badge (and Villains who get a Hero Mission badge) will have that badge immediately revoked. Characters who already have badges for missions that they should not be able to access due to which side they are on, will have those badges revoked as well.
  • The Villain Disruptor badge meter will display correctly again. No previous or current progress was lost.


  • Costume pieces awarded during the 2007 Valentine’s event are once again available to players that have earned them.

User Interface

  • Added a cancel button to the Check Name feature.
  • Made an additional change to how the User Interface stores window opacity settings to ensure that any changes are saved correctly.



  • Fixed bug in 3rd respec trial that would sometimes send players to a mission door in the old Rikti Crash Site.