Patch Notes/2004-10-19

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City Zones

  • The Hollows - Fixed problem with being introduced to Talshak too early.
  • The Hollows - Fixed problem of Cavern of Transcendence not issuing Badge upon completion.

Server Stability

  • Fixed various server stability problems


  • Added stores to Task Force contacts.


  • Fixed a bug with Cloak of Fear and Taunt power .
  • Added Sleep and Hold resistance + protection to Granite Armor.
  • Fixed bug with Psychic Cleaver getting removed too soon.
  • Removed incorrect text that said Total Domination did minor damage (power did not change).
  • Removed self Disorient from Adrenaline Boost.
  • Minor fix (minor increase) to Electric Fence damage.


  • Fixed problem of Woodsman's Task Force not issuing Badge upon completion.
  • Fixed Redeemer badge, should now issue to entire team.
  • Made a fix for Black Shroud Dimension Exploration badge


  • Fixed text in Outcasts Auction mission to give a better idea that the second part is a Timed mission. The Ring and Scroll are no longer auto-removed at the end of the mission.


  • An Exemplar can now form or join a Task Force group.