Patch Notes/2007-08-14

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8.14.07 Version 15.20070803.0T



  • Rikti Drops Ships’ movement rate standardized. They are now completely immune to Slow movement effects.
  • Stealth powers should once again function in PvP zones. Good hunting.
  • The Power of the Hamidon temporary power is now Deletable.
  • All Rikti should be targettable after they die.


  • Borea Repeatable missions to defeat 10 enemies increased to defeat 50.


  • Characters who are below level 47 will not be able to select a Hamidon (or Synthetic Hamidon) Enhancement as a reward. They can choose anything else they qualify for from the reward choice table, however.
  • Rikti Monkeys in Invasions will now grant experience points when defeated.
  • Characters should only get reward credit for placing a bomb once per assault on the Rikti Mothership.

Rikti Invasions

  • Rikti transporters now shield incoming invaders from attack until they have fully materialized.


  • Fixed numerous minor text and display errors with badges


  • Fixed a crash when moving Slow Fields.

User Interface

  • Fixed "Suppress FX When Close" option to work correctly, and to persist when a character logs/zones.
  • Fixed Check Name to no longer show names of characters that were recently deleted as unavailable.



  • Characters over level 40 cannot select the Multi-enhancement from the Eden Trial. Added SO Enhancements to the Eden trial choice dialog box.



  • Psionic Dart for Dominators’ endurance cost was set too high. It has been reduced to its correct value.

Graphical Effects

  • Added special case to Carrion Creepers effects to prevent it from incorrectly persisting after the power ends.
  • Dominator, Plant Control - Reduced particles for Vines and Carrion Creeper to optimize performance.
  • Minor optimizations to various power effects for Corruptor’s Cold Domination and Thermal Radiation to reduce their framerate performance impact

City Zones

  • St. Martial: all stores in the zone should now buy salvage and recipes.