Patch Notes/2004-07-07

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07/07/04 Patch Notes

City Zones

  • Galaxy City should now be dangerously populated again.
  • Various occurrences of floating geometry have been fixed.
  • NPCs in Rikti Crash Site will now react to defeating the villains.
  • The villains that spawn right outside the door for Deimos Innovations in Talos Island have been removed.


  • Made volume adjustments for fortitude sound.
  • Added a short range to Broadsword/Head Splitter; Katana/Head Splitter; Battle Axe/Cleave; and War Mace/Shatter. New visual f/x to match are coming soon.
  • Adding Damage Enhancements to Freezing Rain will no longer increase the amount the power will debuff a foe’s damage resistance. Damage Enhancements will still increase the damage of Freezing Rain.
  • Fixed description of Crystal Armor and Mineral Armor. The descriptions were reversed. Actual powers did not change.


  • Removed player breathing sounds.


  • Several small jumping issues were fixed: Fix for a bug that could cause insta-acceleration to dangerous speeds; fix for bouncing off the tops of fences; removed a small jump stutter; fix for super speed/combat jumping combo issue where you'd slow down too fast in the air if you pushed forward.