Patch Notes/2011-11-15

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11.15.11 build 2151.201111120053.1.

Patch notes for Build 2151.201111120053.1.


User Interface

  • The User Interface will no longer reset upon game client restart.

Hardware Compatibility

  • The range of ATI/AMD Catalyst 9.12 Drivers which are being rejected as incompatible has been fixed.
    • The '-ignoreBadDriver' command line argument can be added in the NCLauncher Preferences in order to load the game after this warning is displayed.

Costume Creator/Tailor

  • Organic Armor and Bioluminescence are now glowing properly once again


Signature Story Arc III - Villains

  • Corrected an issue where Manticore's Poison Gas Arrow was not expiring. It should now be possible to kidnap Alexis Cole-Duncan

Carnival of Shadows

  • Vanessa DeVore no longer appears as a generic boss in Carnival of Shadows spawns.

Mission Architect

  • Corrected the description strings in the Mission Architect rating window.