Patch Notes/2004-09-18

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City Zones

  • The Hollows – The contact, Lt. Wincott, has fallen back closer to the Atlas Park entrance and his position has been fortified by several Police drones.

Server Stability

  • Fixed various server stability problems.


  • Removed Disorient from Troll Minions.
  • Removed Disorient from Stone Outcast Minions.
  • Increased Recharge rate of Tsoo Caltrops (they throw them less often).
  • Removed Disorient from Nemesis Minion Soldiers.
  • Removed Disorient from Rikti Swords and replaced with low chance of Knockback.
  • Reduced chance of Disorient for Rikti Pistols and Rifle.
  • Significantly reduced Warrior Minion attacks chance for Disorient.
  • Significantly reduced The Family Minion attacks chance for Disorient.
  • Swapped Outcast/Shocker Lt and Boss (Bosses now have Hurricane. Lts now have Lightning Field).
  • Decreased the Phase Shift time of Carnival Illusionists.
  • Decreased the Phase Shift time of Carnival Illusionists Decoys.


  • Increased the buff radius of Fulcrum Shift.
  • Increase the Duration of Fulcrum Shift by 50%.
  • Increased lifetime, Aggro and perception (aggressiveness) of Phantom Army.
  • Reduced the Endurance Cost and Recharge Time of Tar Patch and Quicksand.
  • Increased the effectiveness of their Slow effect.
  • Reduced the Recharge Debuff effect of Granite Armor.
  • Increased KnockBack of Ice Slick, Ice Patch and Blizzard.
  • Fixed (Extended) the duration of Mez protection for Burn.
  • Fixed (Extended) the duration of Mez protection for Medicine/Stimulant.
  • Fixed Duration for Defender/Radiation Blast/Aim (set to 10 seconds like all other Aim powers).
  • Set Recharge Time for Blaster/Voltaic Sentinel from 120 to 60 seconds (Defender version was already 60 seconds).